Visit to Silicon Valley, again

Escrito el 9 Mayo 2008 por Ricardo Pérez Garrido en Educación / Education

Next week the Master and Executive Master in Telecom and Digital Business Management will be in San Francisco and Silicon Valley for a study trip, with conferences and company visits to Cisco*, Google, Electronic Arts, Sun, Linden Labs, VMWare, Genesys Labs, Accenture*, Berggi and Global Startups.

The theme of the week will be how these companies manage innovation and make it work. All of them have participated in the creation of true competitive advantages in their industries, with groundbreaking use of technologies, business models, even creating whole new markets.

I will be blogging from San Francisco trying to summarize some of their messages, and the experience. As you know this is the second year we organize this study trip (info about last year in several posts of this blog). It’s a privilege for us to have the opportunity to discuss the evolution and future of these companies with some of their key executives, and a great learning experience. One interesting fact is the openness in which they share their ideas and approach questions and comments. I guess this is part of the spirit of the area, and one of the secret ingredients for its success: sharing your ideas is not bad, it can help you improve them.

* Accenture and Cisco are sponsors of the Master in Telecom and Digital Business Management..


David Cremades 13 Mayo 2008 - 14:41

Good morning to all the readers and contributors to this interesting weblog I just found thanks to my colleague Guzman Salvador.

Ricardo, I just read that you are visiting in California, among other companies, VMware (which is the company I am working for here in Spain).

I completly agree with you when you remark innovation as a true competitive advantage. I see it everyday in our portfilio with revolutionary products and in our internal corporate messages, that VMware is keeping the leadership in the new market of server and desktop virtualization thanks to innovation. If we do not keep on innovating, our competitors (Microsoft and Citrix mainly) will soon catch us up. And this is my main argument with my customers when they ask me about competition. Just to keep on innovating every single day will keep us alive.

I will be expecting your feedback and comments when returning from California.

Have a nice day all and congratulations once again for this weblog.

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