Back from Silicon Valley

Escrito el 19 Mayo 2008 por Ricardo Pérez Garrido en Educación / Education

After a week on long days filled with company visits and conferences we are back to madrid, with something equivalent to a battery charge: the energy that the abundance of talent, the openness and the love and passion for innovation and pushing the limits that are essential ingredients of the “secret sauce” for the success of this special region of the world.

After spending time in companies with a lot of management innovation like Google, Linden Lab or EA, and others with lots of technological innovations like Cisco, Vmware or SUN, one of clear concussions I draw from these days is that people is what matters, and although capital and top universities are also important, the key to maintaining success is the people that have assimilated that trying to create the next big thing is the way to go, no matter if you fail, the next one will be better.

I will try to summarize for you in the following days some of the issues covered and companies visited. Let’s see if we can travel there together.


Guzman Salvador 20 Mayo 2008 - 12:27

Ricardo, I agree with you entirely that people is the key point speaking about innovation. And this is the reason that is getting me annoying for a long time… because I think that here, in Spain, we have most of the ingredients for being the European version of “silicon valley”: creative and talented people, climate, idiom, mixture of cultures… All we need is a committed government and, of course, education for our entrepreneurs…

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