YouTube and brand management, ¿love at first sight?

Escrito el 23 Junio 2006 por Ricardo Pérez Garrido en English, Entertainment

If you suft some of the YouTube content you will find many types of user-generated content. Basically everything you can think of, you will find a video of someone showing it, talking about it, using it. The “it” probably has a brand name of its own. And you end up with a conversation of thousands, about your own brand. Yes, that one. The one you invest millions to create and evolve. Apparently YouTube users, millions, have decided the “democratization of content creation” is a good thing. They love it.

With many implications for traditional media, given the amount of time teenagers spend wathching TV -less- and surfing user-generated content -more-, advertising companies are looking carefully at how they can use this trend for their benefit, and for their clients, of course. There are several success stories: a Wolkswagen commercial (that the FT mentions here) has 2 million in the number of views mark, many home-made videos with more than 25 million views… What is intriging is the clear trend it has started, departing from traditional content and entering the real-TV, but without the TV network, world. There they are: millions of teenagers spending hours watching YouTube, witout comercials, instead of your favourite show.

MySpace and YouTube are what teens do know with a big portion of their free time. What about five years from now, when they are in their twenties? Advertising is evolving rapidly, looking at your mobile devices, at internet. TV is still the preferred channel for big brands, but new ways of buying and watching content are growing faster than one could imagine. YouTube has only celebrated its first birthday. But as many internet companies before, it still has to figure out its revenue model. In the meantime, all the internet giants are investing in their own video services, trying to combine them with social recommendation, with better search engines… anything and everything to capture the attention of this generation. How do we call them? MySpace or YouTube generation?


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