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Escrito el 16 Mayo 2006 por Ricardo Pérez Garrido en Internet

Something is changing at Google. At least that idea is permeating the minds of users, analysts, and business writers. More and more articles, reports and blogs are pointing out the evolution of a company with a simple motto and a simple definition of its business model, to a mess of products that not many people can identify or simply follow in their evolution.

The Economist, covers in an article (“Fuzzy Math”, link) the stgory of science and idealism against market rules that is the story of google in the last years. With competition gaining for the first time in products it wanted to lead (video sharing, with YouTube, IM against Yahoo or Microsoft), the stock price crisis has followed immediately (with prices in the 370’s down from 496 in January).

But the truth is that they produce innovations almost every week, at the same time leading their traditional market (advertising supported by the leading search engine in the planet). Their model just needs to evolve with the business, and the fact that they need to use some of the tactics that traditional companies use, should mean only that at some point, and at least to care for the stock price, which is also care for future growth, they need to act as traditional companies do. Can we see a company producing fresh and idealistic innovation at the same time it protects its main market? That will be new. Microsoft changed years ago and is trying to do just that. Last week they announced they will invest a pile of money to catch Google.

The big winner today is the user. We have seen, thanks to google, how email changed to a free, quality service, with a hundred times more capacity than before they entered the market; we have seen the advertising market change towards less intrusive formats… and, what is more important, every day more and more applications are available in alternative formats, some with a bright proposition for customers (Picasa or Flickr, Writely, YouTube). Which part of these innovations come from renewed faith in technology and internet, from a big champion showing that after the big burst there was hope, and business models with a solid base?


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