“A healthy boom, not a fragile bubble”

Escrito el 9 Febrero 2006 por Ricardo Pérez Garrido en Internet

Those words come directly from Wired’s article “The new boom“. The piece, by Chris Anderson (yes, the guy that wrote “The long Tail“), builds a strong case around the idea of a bubble that could be originated in the supply side (the investors), more than in the demand side -meaning the companies themselves.

The truth is that today’s market movements resemble those of the late 90’s: money flowing to small projects everywhere, big companies buying garage .coms… But the picture is not exactly the same. As the article describes, today’s initiatives are trying to keep expenses and activities focused on getting revenues, and growing not-so-fast but with a strong base: responding to real needs. Though there is a side of this new boom that is only looking at advertising revenues (something that has already proved, at the same time, dangerous and extremely successful), most of the new companies are exploring the “disruptive technology” tale that worked well for others (remember Skype?).

With investment banks not ready yet to jump on the wagon of the internet adventure, we could see a change in the way small and big companies face technological innovation thanks to a new boom, this time only with strong economic results (the good ones, I mean).


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