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Julian de Cabo
Julian de Cabo
Julián de Cabo is considered an authority in the field of new technologies. He has taught information technologies at Instituto de Empresa for 16 years, and was general director of Terra España from 2000 and 2002. During this time, he played a role in landmark achievements of the internet revolution, like the launch of the flat rate, the first self-installable ADSL, or the first broadband portal in Europe. His achievements during his time with Terra include opening up the way for collaboration in the Telefónica group with products like “ADSL solutions” which is still the platform used by SMEs. In his own words, “ I was there at a time when telecommunications and computer systems came together to form one and the same thing, and we were the first company to exploit multimedia in a communication medium, that is to say, to obtain benefits from an interactive event using various platforms”, referring to Terra’s participation in the launch of Big Brother in Spain and similar events.

He has a deep knowledge of the sector, and his curriculum features some important predictions, such as when he forecasted, in 1996, the impact that global communication networks were going to have on travel intermediaries. “ Now I’m interested in convergence and digital consumption” says De Cabo, who foresees a future where basic communication will be a best-price commodity.

He is concerned about the effects of technology on the behaviour of consumers and the consequences this will have for businesses. Professor De Cabo has been general director of the Consortium for the Technological Development of SMEs and has participated in several professional associations, like the Spanish Association of Electronic Commerce, the Advisory boards of SIMO and Informat, and currently, the Observatory for Telecommunication for Spanish daily newspaper Expansión. Furthermore, he continues to render consulting services for large firms, like Telefónica de España, Telefónica Data, and Banco Central Hipotecario de Colombia.

Professor De Cabo holds a degree in law from Universidad de Córdoba, a Master in Legal Practice from Instituto de Empresa and the PIL from Harvard Law school. He is also an expert in computer law, having worked as an adviser in Wolters Kluwer.
Academic Background
PhD Candidate in Administrative Law, Universidad Complutense, Madrid.
Program of Instruction for Lawyers, Harvard Law School.
Master in Legal Practice, Instituto de Empresa.
Law Degree, Universidad de Córdoba , Spain.

Professional Background

Associate Director, Instituto de Empresa (2003 – present)
Director, Corporate Development, Instituto de Empresa (2003 – present)
General Director, Terra Networks España SAU (2000 – 2002)
General Director, Consortium for the Technological Development of SMEs, (SPAIN), February (1997 – present)
Director of IS/IT Department, Instituto de Empresa (1994 – 1999)
Vice President, Asociación Española de Comercio Electrónico (AECE) (1998 - 2000 )
External consultant, Telefónica Data, (1999 – 2000) Wolters Kluwer España (1994 – 1998) telefónica de España (2003)

Teaching and Research Experience

Professor of IS/IT, Instituto de Empresa (1990 – present). 

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