The new new Google

Escrito el 1 febrero 2011 por Ricardo Pérez Garrido en Buscadores / Search Engines, Innovación / Innovation

There has been a lot of analysis around the new boss at Google. BusinessWeek published an interesting review of who is who in the new Google. Probably some more changes ahead and some people missing, but it’s a good snapshot of the situation. It gives a view of the profiles and background of some of the decision makers there. And goes to the core of the issues related to the company: when are they going to produce another big hit product?

Some of the big questions are related to the failures in areas such as social networks or group buying, some of the hot hot stuff in the valley these last months. The fact that they are so great in the search business and the execution in other areas has been not so great points out maybe to an issue of focus, maybe too big to deliver already. The fact is that everyone is waiting for a new new Google. And they want it to be more like a startup firm than a giant tech company. Nobody wants to be the next microsoft. BTW have you seen the last quarter results of MSFT? Not bad…


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