Gamers go to the cinema

Escrito el 28 febrero 2007 por Ricardo Pérez Garrido en Entertainment

That sales of tickets in the cineplex of your town are donw is not news anymore. It has been a trend during the last years. Only big blockbusters like Pirates can help the industry loose serious numbers in yearly sales. So, what can you do if you have one of this big investments and you see that sales keep declining? One of the options is probably to take the facilities and give it a different, creative use. This is what an spanish etrepeneur (and IE alumni), Enrique Martinez, has done, creating a new playground for hard core gamers with all the lights and space one could ever want. The story, that has reached even the New York Times, tells us something about the combination of innovation and social change. With online multiplayer games on the rise for several years already, its surprising the low number of services designed for gamers that we can see in the market.

If we really want to put the customer at the center of the company, maybe we need more Enrique Martinez’s working from the inside of the big Telco operators so they can help them understand that the game is not about what they know how to do well, but about what their clients want them to do. I can’t wait, I have to go try this place. And not only for the gaming… but also to see how the clients interact, is like a giant cibercafe, which is the social gathering place for some and an amazing place where you can really experience the multimedia and multitasking abilities that new generations have developed, playing with voice and chat, sharing all types of information, in real time, with people in the seat next to them or in a different continent, it doesn’t matter.


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