Amazon S3

Escrito el 14 julio 2006 por Ricardo Pérez Garrido en E-Business

Simple Storage Service. If you are a small business, you can use this service to storage whatever you want – as long as it is digital, that is, files- and the price is great. The provider is not IBA or Sun, it’s Amazon, through its Web Services unit. And they have announced that they have already succeeded in getting leading customers such as… Microsoft itself. Basically the service offers cheap storage and traffic support for any company. Nick Carr (the “IT Doesn’t Matter” author) points out that they might have gotten a good advantage by selecting the small business client instead of the average user (which seems to be the main public for the commented Gdrive of Google.
This is only part of a global trend oriented towards having more and more services delivered from the network, and accepted as something “natural” within the environment of business as usual for companies and private customers. The trend has its reflection in services like youtube or myspace, where users decide to create and re-create part of their lives, just because they can. The trend for companies, its reflection, is something like S3: cheaper, convenient, why not? Again trust and on-demand business are at the middle of these trends, and affect both you and me as users, and our companies as clients.


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