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This year’s conference series for the Master in Digital Business has been very interesting, and these last few weeks we have had the opportunity to discuss with some very interesting individuals about their visions of innovation.

Mr. Oscar Maraver, Human Resources Director at Telefonica Group spent some time with us discussing the difficulties of managing such a diverse company, and producing results and efficiency quarter after quarter (remember that Telefonica is the only Telco in the world making its revenue/profit guidances for the last… well almost 10 years).

Last week Mr. Javier Tome, Director of Innovation at BBVA, one of the leading banks in the world, with an important market presence in Latin America and a growing role in other markets directed his talk at an important issue: how to integrate an innovation effort in a big conglomerate and, even more difficult, how to produce results and keep the support of the organization.

This week we will have Carlos Domingo, Director of the R+D center of Telefonica in Barcelona. He will focus his presentation on the role of innovation in telecom companies, how easy-difficult it is to gain momentum and change the pace of innovation in a traditional capex business to something more dynamic, more aligned with internet and mobile innovation.

Thinking about their message to the group and the ideas they represent, is clear that big companies need to find a way to improve not the number of ideas available -they have already too many- but their effectiveness translating them into business propositions to their customers… and better if those propositions produce money or loyalty or something that can be measured. Some of you probably don’t agree with the measurable part… but the reality is that you need to find guidelines to evaluate innovation and its results, and they will probably be linked with traditional metrics… so better be ready from the beginning.

This means being ready to understand how you sell the idea internally and which metrics you need to align to when trying to change stuff… if not you will only be yet another failure story people will tell the new guys to lower their expectations.


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