San Francisco Study Trip 2009. First Two days

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For the third year, the Master in Telecom & Digital Business, in a effort to help our students understand how innovation works at the one of the global hubs for digital business, spends a week visiting companies in Silicon Valley and talking to some of the most relevant innovators in the world. During these years we have visited companies like Google, Cisco, Sun, Electronic Arts, Linkedin, Salesforce.com, VMware, HP, Accenture, and many others. To all of them our thanks for helping creating this unique opportunities for our students. 

This is the week of our 2009 Study Trip, and we are already in our second day. Yesterday we spent the day at Accenture Technology Labs and then at Salesforce.com. Today we have been at Sun, a brief visit to Stanford, and then we spend the afternoon with Strands, a great startup with its roots in Spain but doing business mainly in the US.


I will write more on the trip starting tomorrow, but for now I just wanted to reflect on some changes that I have seen from last year. First the crisis. Traffic is down, office space available is way up. Second, iPhone is up. Everybody talks about Google and the iPhone. When someone gives an example about mobility, there goes the iPhone example. Third, web is still big. Though everybody is looking for the next big thing, finding ways to explore the new ways of collaboration-aggregation of information and content are still big things.

Tomorrow we will spend the morning at Google and the afternoon talking with GlobalStartups, a VC company, about investment and startups and success in SV.


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