Visit to Linden Lab (Silicon Valley 08, Day 4)

Escrito el 6 Junio 2008 por Ricardo Pérez Garrido en Educación / Education

As thursday came to an end, we were on the road again (:-)) towards San Francisco, after an exciting morning in Cisco. But not to our hotel, we were headed to Linden Lab headquarters, to visit Claudia L’Amoreaux, who helped with our different initiatives in Second Life, and Chris Collins, in charge of Business Development for the company.

As you might expect the company has a great feeling to the people working there, the organization and flexibility, the stuff going on there… everything creative, fast, changing… we met Claudia and Chris in a very open discussion about their future, how they face the new situation of second life for the press, I mean, after being the new big thing las year today everybody wants to bury them… The first answer from Chris was “we are already profitable”, and growing from there… So basically the exploration today is what should have been from the beginning: companies trying to understand what they can do in this environment that ADDS VALUE to the experience of their clients. Not being there for the sake of it.

A great experience also in terms of how they organize themselves: from an application were you post a “thank you note” to some coworker that has helped you with something, to a democratic approach to decision making… A very interesting approach to organizational innovation, which also fits a visionary group that started to talk about virtual worlds almost ten years ago.

This was the final activity of our trip. We went back to the hotel for a wrap-up session, to analyze what we had learned those days and to share our vision of what is the secret sauce for all this innovation that happens in this corner of the world. Again, as almost every time I face this question, people and freedom were at the center of the equation.


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