Visit to Cisco (Silicon Valley 08, Day 4)

Escrito el 5 Junio 2008 por Ricardo Pérez Garrido en Educación / Education

Our last day in our Silicon Valley Tour 08 started at Ciscois EBC in San Jose. It was a packed agenda, with two tracks organized by Alberto Mazagatos, former CEO of Cisco in Spain and now in Strategic Development for the Mediterranean Region. The day was designed to help the group understand how a clear leader in an industry like Cisco pushes for the next level, to keep innovation and growth at the center of their strategy and, more importantly, at the center of the efforts undertaken by its employees. The first thing to notice when you are there is that high level meetings and demonstrations are at the core of the activity of Cisco. The EBC was a great display of technologies, even with administrative staff serving several positions thanks to telepresence. There was also a feeling of success that was somehow around in anything you could see there.


The two tracks where managed by Alberto and Noni Alwood. The first one was oriented towards understanding the position of Cisco in the telecom and media industries, the link between marketing, strategy and a deep understanding of industry trends, and challenges. The second one was centered around the need to manage IT in a different way, more integrated and with a global vision of its role for different industries. We also had the opportunity to visit the solutions center that presents some of Cisco’s technologies in context (a retail shop, a business office, a home, a hotel…), which gives you a grasp of how detailed the vision for a specific set of technologies can be articulated.

The connection research- our daily lives- products and services was obvious during all our time spent there, and the degree of connection with the reality of corporations, institutions and even professionals working for Ciscso and its partners was really high. Great approach and, again, pride and success all over the place.

Thanks again to Alberto Mazagatos for this great opportunity.


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