Michele Libraro at our Silicon Valley Tour 08

Escrito el 4 Junio 2008 por Ricardo Pérez Garrido en Educación / Education

Our last conference for Wednesday was Michele Libraro, with a long history of success in the industry, he now runs Global Startups, a VC firm in the Valley specialized in telecommunications and technology (he was a top executive at Cisco before). Thanks Michele as always for your help (we were a bit late with traffic from Santa Clara…).

He did a great job explaining the basics of the activity and steps for getting funds in the area, and how the relationship financial markets – innovation – startup works. It seems like such a natural process for the area, and so difficult for other countries like Spain. The amount of money, the type of projects, its ambition… the size of everything is just different to the average project you will see in so many places. And it just works. There is something in the approach to risk and failure, and the amount of people -good, very good and skilled people- and ideas that move around that money and some support from the legal system is what you need to close the virtuous circle.

In this space the role of VC’s is, as I understand it, sort of professionalizing the life cycle of companies and helping them move faster to the place where you get the money and go to the next one. Many efforts will fail in the process. But that is sort of part of the game. And the final goal is to cash out, something that might be odd for the concept of entrepreneur that at least I see around in Europe. Thus comes the serial entrepreneur as a key role in the development of areas like Silicon Valley. Starting again and again is just a way of life.


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