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Escrito el 13 Junio 2008 por Ricardo Pérez Garrido en Educación / Education

IE's Master in Telecom @ Google

This is our group at Google’s HQ. I just wanted to share with you this picture (thanks Pablo for sharing this with us), because I think it reflects part of the spirit of the experience. Fun, excitement, openness, curiosity… we were just happy, to be there and to have the opportunity to ask and receive answers. What in many places would have been a polite and empty answer, here was an honest point of view, personal, close to the ground and the reality of each company.

I was reading the reports that the students prepared based on their experience during this week, and wanted to share some of the ideas with you. They have somewhat been here in the comments I have been doing these weeks. But the fact that I see them coming from the group and sort of emerging from different points of view and even radically different approaches to the experiences… well, reinforces the idea: something interesting is going on in this companies, besides success, which is the easy and fast answer.

As always looking at companies that have been successful during a while (EA or Cisco), and comparing them with others like Google or even Linden, is not easy. Different metrics, different approach to people and to the definition of success. But there is something special in how these successful people approach their careers, and the opportunities they see around them. A different approach to risk, a strong financial market and a history of success that sort of infuses or coats every deal, every idea. Those reasons are at the center of what one can see. Of course failure, extremely long hours and people driven to make the American dream a reality are also there. But the key is that you are allowed to fail and try again. Sort of business as usual.

But the main lesson is that people is the key asset. And you need to not only talk, but also do the walking. Those companies that invest in freedom, collaboration, and shared decision process will have something to say. It’s just a matter of time. I don’t think is a fad. They tolerate/create/foster a special passion that leads to strong commitment, innovation, results. Just the opposite that many have done -successfully- during the years. Will see what happens. At least from what we see in this small place on earth, there are alternative ways to make success happen.


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