Ops, I did it again… Apple moves again…

Escrito el 6 Septiembre 2007 por Ricardo Pérez Garrido en Dispositivos / Devices

After only a few months, Apple moves ahead again, giving no time for reaction to the competition, and changes the iPod again, using the iPhone platform and the things everybody loves about it – design, multi-touch screen…- to create a new dimension for their product. Here comes the real iPod video.

If you haven’t done so yet, go to Apple and take a look at the new iPods. Great design, as always, more for the same money, as always. But also a couple of key issues in this week’s presentation: pricing of the iPhone and wi-fi for the new iPod Touch.

0715covdcThe first one, a reduction of $200 in the price of the iPhone has a double reading: got all those geeks to buy the gadget at a high price, and now for the rest of us, here you go, reasonable price, come join us and try our products. See… we are good… They say they have sold almost 1 million units. Is that number what they expected? Probably the known problems with AT&T activations and the hardware of the phone hurt the sales, but no worries: the iPod is still strong and they will be sooner or later the same device. This takes us to the second issue: wi-fi for the iPod.

Now we have a gadget that is cool – and socially recognized as cool, that is the important part, and that is something else: can work with wi-fi, and you probably have one at home and will soon get one with your cell flat-fee data plan – just wait and see telcos fight to deploy agreements with every wi-fi provider. Now this gadget is also your source of news, tickets for the movies, contact with your friends… and you even get to try Apple’s software, which apparently is cool too.

Not bad for a September announcement, while companies like Nokia or HTC are still trying to recover from the iPhone announcement.


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