Augmented reality, coming soon

Escrito el 10 Julio 2007 por Ricardo Pérez Garrido en Innovación / Innovation

I was reading an article published last march in the MIT Technology Review, dealing with augmented reality as a product for mobile phones. The idea is that with the cameras and the computing power that last generation devices have, you can provide a number of services that make location, image recognition and context/ situation based services a reality. That could happen today, not in a few years.

This could be a radical change in our understanding of what a cell phone is. It has already changed the notion of an individual. Were you called a house or a family, now you always call an individual. That is an important social change. In a short time, the tool will let you retrieve data from the stuff that is around you. A restaurant with the ratings of other users that have been there before, some comments on the tower you are just looking at… Well, the idea is not that new, you can say. I can have Google maps do something similar for me. If you develop the idea enough, you can have a really augmented reality: see that museum, I can not only offer you info on the museum itself, but also to get you some tickets, that you can get only showing the code in the phone display; also some items you can buy and get shipped to your home and charged to your credit card… all through your cell phone.

These services will change our conception of the phone. From a communication tool and social position icon, to an integral part of our interaction with the world. Maybe this is one way Nokia and friends can react to the iPhone fever.


Manuel Saenz 1 Agosto 2007 - 11:06

Very insightful posting. In my opinion, this phenomenon arises the question of attention and accessibility to a new level. By becoming target of so many new stimulus, the individual in effect becomes not accesible to the majority of them. I have read about this in some other places referred as ‘continous partial attention’, or the consequence of not being able to devote enough time to a single activity or purpose. This reality augmentation seems to pave the way for further worsening of the situation

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