Today, Google releases new off-line web apps capability

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Santiago Iñiguez, Dean and Professor of Strategy

Ricardo Perez´ accounts of the recent trip of his “Master of Management in Telecom & Digital Business“, especially that of the visit to the GooglePlex (its Google Maps link), should make this bit of news more interesting for you.

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Linus Upson, engineering director at Google said: “It’s been a long time since the web has gained new fundamental capabilities. I think it’s been about 10 years”.

ZDnet description of the release: (ZDnet blogger “Game has changed“)

“Google engineers have enabled what internet surfers for years have yearned for — web applications that work offline.”

The search giant on Wednesday launched Google Gears, a browser plug-in that will let people run web applications when they’re connected to the internet or not.

The company released the source code for the Google Gears software in conjunction with Google Developer Day (Today), a day-long conference in 10 locations.

The goal of Google Gears is to create a single, standardised way to add offline capabilities to web applications, said Linus Upson, engineering director at Google.”

Financial Times: “Google moves to take on Microsoft”
Techcrunch: “Google Gears Lets Developers Take Apps Offline”
GigaOM:Google goes offline on purpose


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