The iPhone is the gadget to talk about these days. Apple has done, again, an excellent job at creating expectation and translating it into free advertising. They have even started a fight with Cisco, getting even more free pages in the newspapers and minutes in the news. If you are in the world, you already know that they have a new gadget. And one that can change the rules of competition in the mobile communications world.

The fact is that theirs is not a really new, breakthrough technology, phone. No great camera, no 3G… a price that is in the upper range. But again the iPod was not such an innovation in terms of technology. They did what they know best: great design and usability, and a lot of expectation. Some others have learned the lesson and applied it to their devices. Motorola came to life again in this market thanks to design and the “be cool” effect. Nokia is building the same usability-design game for the last years. But now the masters of the game, with their leader at the peak of his game, are entering the same market, wich, by the way, is orders of magnitude bigger than the mp3 players has ever been.

But in the same event we have seen a declaration of principles: we are not a computer company anymore. We are something different, a company oriented to the future, to create the devices that will help us take advantage of the new communications –everywhere, anytime – that are already here. We will have two companies at the top of the innovation lists competing face to face. Let’s see what Nokia has to say.


Daniel 13 Enero 2007 - 14:28

Ricardo, I like this part: “a lot of expectation”, I’d say that’s esential for this iPhone. How is it possible that a company that never manufactured a phone bursts in this industry with one single product and it’s supposed to make ‘tremble’ the giants’ market share? I my opinion Nokia won’t start a war, it will say ‘here I am’ in its particular innovative way.

Guzman 13 Enero 2007 - 21:48

I agree that Apple decision to enter in the mobile arena represents a big step forward in terms of market dynamism. But I’m not sure this gadget will be the new winning horse for Apple. Perhaps a sales-star, but it would be very hard to repeat the iPod success. The mobile scenario, as Ricardo noted, is much bigger than the mp3. I’m thinking about it similary to the PC/Intel world, with big guys like Microsoft, Dell, HP, etc. competing for years and a new entrant, a nice, cool and attractive new fellow in the party: “Apple Inc.”.

Yan 15 Enero 2007 - 01:01

The future market-killer product is not necessarily the one with bundled most-advanced-features technology. After all the ultimate goal of a product is catering to people, if people like it, no matter how simple the technology, it will be a killer product as we’ve already seen from iPod.

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