Where are the new consoles?

Escrito el 9 Mayo 2006 por Ricardo Pérez Garrido en Entertainment

This year’s E3 convention, the annual meeting of the video-game industry to present their new products, is looking at Sony and it’s ability to deliver some “new” information about their PlayStation 3 platform and games. Even Microsoft will be trying to get some attention in the show, after not-so-good sales of their XBOX 360.
The industry is making a painful transition of consoles, and the new generation, at least the big leader of this market, Sony, has finally set the launch of the PS3 for November. While all this happens, producers of video-games are trying to create the next big thing, either using the last Hollywood blockbuster, which is less and less profitable given the royalties they have to pay, or by creating a completely new concept. This second option seems to be one of the bets of Electronic Arts for their new games.
World of Warcraft is the example everyone uses, with 6 millions subscribers (the ones that pay every month) and revenues expected for this year of more than $1bn, games, and the kind of game that survives for years, creating an ecosystem that can generate new revenue streams. WoW is also an example of the size and revenues that communities of interest can create. The fact is that the industry is searching for a new blockbuster that generates additional games, films, merchandise… The film that is going to be produced based on World of Warcrarft has good chances of becoming a major success. The result is going to be a $500 gadget designed to play facing competition from more and more stuff coming directly from the net and in front of your TV, something that was their territory.
Gaming, the industry, is becoming more and more important as a place to look at for creativity, innovation tools and innovative ways to explore and develop new markets. And now we have a new war: the only trying to conquer your home.


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